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Forums - General Discussion - Prepare for Real Life Battle Royal Event Happening In Near Future

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Will you participate

Yes 2 25.00%
No 3 37.50%
Finally my times has comes to be number one 1 12.50%
Nope i am calling the FBI, it's illegal 1 12.50%
I just want to become the... 1 12.50%

It's not Battle Royale if there aren't 99 corpses.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

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I wonder if Suzanne Collins sits back and laughs at this whole battle Royale thing permeating so many industries. I know Hunger Games wasn't the first, but it's absolutely what popularized it. If it weren't for HG, then PUBG wouldn't be a think.

Ka-pi96 said:
Airsoft guns? meh, what a bunch of pussies.

*shoots you with a real gun* =P

# 1, most participants would not make it past, jumping out of the plane/bus/whatever. Splat, insta-death.

# 2, the camera crew (drones) following players around would tip-off other players of your location/presence.

# 3, have you tried using healing items after jumping out of a 3 story building, or a cliff side?

# 4, Navy Seals only need apply, extra good luck to others trying to swim with level 3 gear and vests packed with ammo.


NightlyPoe said:
Honestly, it works in fiction because you skip to the good parts. But even in video games that last 20 minutes, there's a whole lot of, "This is boring" going on.

If they could make this work in real life so that it was viable, someone already would have done it.

Maybe they can let you make it interesting, like wearing scary costumes for chasing other players with.