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Forums - PC Discussion - Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, Rage 2, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood are all coming to Steam - Bethesda declares for Valve

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Bethesda today made what until very recently would have been a strange and entirely unnecessary announcement—all of its big upcoming games, plus one that's already out (Fallout 76) will be released on Steam. 

This is noteworthy first and foremost as reassurance that Bethesda is not hopping aboard the Epic Games Store exclusive train. That's been a big point of contention over the past few months, as Epic has claimed a number of very high profile exclusives, most recently Control and The Outer Worlds. Given the effort that Epic has put into courting publishers like Ubisoft, it's very interesting to see Bethesda declaring so openly for Steam—although given the annoyance some gamers feel about Epic's aggressive maneuvering, there's obviously some good PR value in it, too.

It could also be taken as acknowledgment from Bethesda that it isn't ready to go toe-to-toe with Steam with its own launcher. But that's always been on the table: Bethesda said last summer that even though Fallout 76 was exclusive to its store, it wasn't cutting Steam out of its plans completely.



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Pretty sure they could still co-launch on the Epic Store, as I am 90% sure that you can be on both systems.

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If you still need their launcher to play their games, isn't it pointless?

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Ok? Even releasing on Steam doesn't mean they won't do so on Epic Store, plus I thought Bethesda had their own store as well?

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Darwinianevolution said:
If you still need their launcher to play their games, isn't it pointless?

Not necessarily because Steam features can still be used.

NobleTeam360 said:
Ok? Even releasing on Steam doesn't mean they won't do so on Epic Store, plus I thought Bethesda had their own store as well?

Ya they can release it on any other store just like they have been doing for so many years (their games are also on GOG).

But this is good PR for them to get people on their side to purchase their games.

All of these games are gonna be on their own store by default but now confirmed for Steam as well compared to a few months ago when they only mentioned their own store.


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It is kind of weird that Bethesda is coming back to Steam per say. Still, I'm glad and I will probably end up buying Doom 2 and Wolfeinstein on the store - maybe even RAGE 2.

That's great news!

I hope they keep launching their games on Steam, as well as anywhere else they want, for many years.

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Sounds like Bethesda wants money after all. I guess DOOM and maybe even RAGE, can show up on my radar now.

Inb4 Epic deal though. I can easily see that happening at the last moment, despite Epic "not wanting to do it again".

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Glad that Bethesda didn't take any of Epic's tainted money to go Epic Store Exclusive.