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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony Releasing Games for the PC Exclusive to Epic store

Right now the only games are those from Quantic dreams...

Detroit is on the epic store.

Color me shocked. I guess they will do this for their Under 5M type sellers? 


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As I said in the other thread Heavy Rain and Beyond I can see because they're older games, but Detroit too? That one's not even a year old yet so that's surprising!

Maybe this means Sony is starting to put more games on PC like Microsoft has started doing. Like you said, I think the big hitters will probably stay exclusive and the ones that haven't pushed many consoles and probably won't really change anything could go to PC. I think that's why we haven't seen Microsoft put Gears or Forza on anything else yet, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is the only outlier in that but it's still just the older games, no Halo 5 or Infinite confirmed or anything.

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Is there already a thread for this? I checked..... if there is then pls lock.