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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS Plus March Lineup - Modern Warfare Remastered & The Witness

From PSblog:

Modern Warefare Remastered & The Witness This Month - Great Lineup!

Was hoping for more though with PS3 & Vita games being removed.

No PSVR title?  Would've been nice.

Was also hoping they'd allow for a couple of PS Now rentals for the month.

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Nothing there to make me resubscribe.

That's awesome news to me!!! With all the FPS going all online/battle royale focus I was looking into picking this game up to play a solid campaign FPS, but now i wont need to :)

Already have both games. Womp womp.

Yeesh. So barren without the Vita and PS3 games. Not that it was close to possible for me to play them all, but still....Anyways, I've got about 350 games in the PS+ backlog. Ha. So I'm pretty set.

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Finally a game i'd like to play that I don't own. But holy crap is PS+ becoming an absolutely pathetic deal now, i was hoping for a surprise that would make up for removing PS3 and Vita games

The Witness?Noice!Best month in a while.

But of course my PS Plus subscription had to expire this month.Goddammit

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Epic month. The god father of modern shooters for free.

pretty cool month in that I had neither game.... but it's a shame to see just 2 titles when they're after leaving the other 2 platforms and I feel they could have made this slightly more epic as I would imagine that most people who wanted that fps game would have bought it by now, as in... those are the kinda games where if you're a fan of them you buy them soon after release, almost like a fifa title, it's not like anyone would want to get Fifa 2014 as a psn+ title in 2019, fear this might be the same.

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I had the witness on games with gold for free . The game was very fun.

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