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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Does Metro Exodus' timed exclusivity on Epic upset you?


Does Metro's timed exclusivity upset you?

Yes 0 0%
No 2 100.00%

I'm sure everyone knows that Metro Exodus won't be coming to Steam until a year after launch. Sort of. If you pre-ordered the game on Steam you will be able to play it on Steam. Anyway does this really upset anyone? 

I'll be sure to pick up my copy for PS4, but I really feel like some Steam users are too upset over this. I prefer to use GoG for all my PC exclusives, but a lot of them are exclusive to Steam. So I'm forced to buy the Steam version of a lot of PC exclusives, which I consider to be inferior due to DRM. If those games were just delayed for a year to GoG instead of being Steam exclusives I'd be ecstatic. 

The Epic launcher has online-only DRM installed on it. If you disconnect your computer from the internet and wait 24 hours to a couple days, eventually your Epic games will all be locked out of launching in offline mode. But the Steam version comes with Denuvo, so both versions are bad. The Epic version of Metro is $50 though, so at least they are passing the savings onto the consumer for once. 

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I locked another thread early this morning about this topic. I'll be doing the same here, but, if you'd like, bring it up in any of the other topics currently being discussed...