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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do You Think Sony & MS Will Announce New Consoles This Year?


Do You Think Sony & MS Will Announce New Consoles This Year?

Yes, they both will 491 30.09%
Only Sony will 181 11.09%
Only Microsoft will 268 16.42%
Neither will 692 42.40%


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Microsoft have already half announced a new console by revealing that there is new hardware in the works. I could very well see both divulging more details this year.

MS at the end of E3 as a tease like the did for the Xbox Scorpio. Sony at PSX as a tease and a Playstation Meeting Q1.

If there was to be a console announced this year, I strongly think it will be Microsoft that announces it, otherwise both will announce their next console next year. PS4 is still hot at $299, with plenty of room for price cuts, wouldn’t want to slow down the sales while it’s still printing money,I also don’t see the PS4 slowing down after the PS5 like the PS1 and PS2 with their successors.

Yes, there have been some hints that we might expect a PS5 announcement of some nature at some point this year.

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Tech improvements haven't been great, I think they will wait til 2020 at least.

Teases? Maybe (and probably only MS). Full reveals? Probably not, but definitely next year.


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New xbox was already announced. We are just missing details which will definitely come this year .

PS5 news I can see happening this year but I think sales of q1 and q2 of PS4 might change that

Since there's no Maaayyybeee? option, I'm going for both yes.

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I feel it will be like last time when MS said they would be ready and reply quickly to a PS4 release and they did within 2 weeks , I feel the reverse is true, the console manufacturing world is so small you could put it into a matchbox, so they might not know each others specifics but there would be plenty of activation indicators along the way.