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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wolfenstein is incredible.

I'll read the replies later. Also I forgot we have spoiler tags so I'll tell you my fav moments later.

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I played the first one, the new order. I loved the gameplay and had a blast with the amount of weaponry, specially the capacity to use dual rifles and this is coming from someone who tends to avoid First Person games. However, the story was terrible. It was a plot hole-filled mess with an abundance of cliches and a strange mix of drama and black Tarantino-esque comedy that didn't work at all for me. Rarely have I come across a game with gameplay I enjoy so much and a story that is not just forgettable but that I dislike so strongly.

I've no interest in the sequel or playing the first one again. Though I will fondly remember those dual laser rifles. Gosh, those were amazing.

I loved the first one and the dlc. for some reason I hated most of the second game (besides the great performance, first game on the pc was a mess)