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Forums - Sony Discussion - Nothing new about "The last of us 2"at TGA 2018

hoped for a new trailer...


We’re looking forward to celebrating a year of incredible games at #TheGameAwards

this Thursday, however, we won’t have anything new to share from The Last of Us Part II. We’re hard at work and looking forward to revealing more when the time is right!

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More and more obvious that Last of Us 2 will be the last released of the 4 big games Sony has announced

I predicted it once before TLOU is going to launch in 2020, might be a cross launch title along with Ghost of Tsunishima.  

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

There was no reason to bring it to the show in the first place considering we know Death Strandig will be there, not to insult Kojima or his team, but it's clear which of the two is the most important title for Sony and which would get overshadowed by the other