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Forums - Sony Discussion - Ghost of Tsushima: Bringing feudal Japan to life

SnakeDrake said:
BraLoD said:
GOTG right there, can't fucking wait.

You just saying the games title. Ghost of Tsushima Game.

Ghost of Tsushima GOTG.

Infinite loop.

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pokoko said:

I really love the setting.  Tsushima's history with piracy and the Mongol invasions of Japan is a great backdrop.  

When they talk as if feudal Japan is underrepresented, though, I kind of have a bit of trouble with that.  Compared to many, many other periods and cultures, it's one of the most visited in gaming.  For example, I would love to see the Mongol Dynasty explored from the perspective of the cultures of mainland Asia.  There is SO MUCH there, hundreds of years worth, that almost no one in the west even knows about.  Entire nations and cultures struggled against the Mongols before being destroyed or absorbed.  

Something like the Shut Hell manga, about a woman seeking revenge for her massacred people and a runaway Mongol boy, would be awesome.

This reminds of the Shike books by Robert Shea , i won't say to much but it about except it starts with a young warrior monk with Mongol blood named Jebu is sent to escort a 13 year old noble lady to her wedding in the capital  they fall in love but fate leaves them in service to different sides in  the struggle of two great samurai clans the Takashi and the Muratomo, the story is seen from both  viewpoints over the years, from the rival samurai clans fighting, to the defeated  Muratomo's exile in China and the court of Kublai Khan where the exiled samurai take up service with the Khan and back to japan and later imminent invasion from a mongol fleet with much more in between  , the books are  Shike Time of Dragons  and Shike last of the Zinga ,old but worth reading if you can find them in print or electronic..

I am quiced to the gills for this game. Straight up. You couldn't hype me up any more even if you tried.