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Forums - Gaming Discussion - UPDATE: Toby Fox(Undertale) released Deltarune for free!

Undertale 2: Human World, this time you'll play as a monster killing people.

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Wonder what is going on, Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale

Undertale rep in Smash.


the game is apparently called Delta Rune, and it is a direct sequel to Undertale

Jeez, how long is this game?

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Damn, I was just trying it thinking it was a demo for his next game or something related to Halloween ... but it's a legit full game from what I've seen after 3 hours of playtime !

This guy got right under the nose of everybody xD
Also, it's free (so yeah !)

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Shameless bump

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

So any opinion on the ending ? For those who has played it of course :P

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Ok, we got Toby's thoughts on the whole process of the game so far :

- This game (1st Chapter) is considered like a demo but it actually took him years for that while Undertale was done in a few months.

- The battle system took way much longer to program than Undertale due to more complicated UI, sprites work, etc ...

- Story script is done, still writing pieces of music.

- The rest of the game so far ? 0% !

- He will release the rest of the game when all other chapters are done. (Sold in a full set only, PC Only so far) This might take him years !

He's basically asking to form a dev team to accomplish this far greater work than Undertale was.

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