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Porting a PC game to Switch might not necessarily prove difficult due to some amount of optimization that could be required.

There are many more factors to consider.

Does the dev team have time? If not, is the production files and the source code in a well managed condition, that could easily be handed over to a different studio? Is there a competent studio available at a reasonable price? How much work would it be to adapt gameplay and mechanics and the corresponding HUD elements? How big a cartridge will we need? Do we want to work on reducing game size, to go for a smaller cart and thus, a bigger profit? Do we trust an external studio to understand the graphical assets and the audio well enough to work on size reduction?

Which inevitably asks two good questions: How badly do Switch owner even want this game? And ultimately, would creating a Switch version be profitable?

These all go before the otherwise excellent questions of: What targets do we want to hit in terms of resolution and framerate, both for docked and un-docked, and what will we sacrifice to make that happen?

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Kristof81 said:


Anyways, for comparison reasons, I used PC hardware proposed by Digital Foundry in one of their 2016 Doom for Switch vs PC analysis (link here). I also used PassMark CPU and GPU benchmark scores to see where (roughly) those two sit on the scoreboard.  Mind you, in DF video, they had to down clock the GPU, so this is very optimistic scenario.

Keep in mind that the Athlon 5350 is faster than the Switch CPU.
Also keep in mind that the Geforce 1030 is faster than the Switch GPU.
Also keep in mind the Ram amounts in use, even low-end PC's have more than the Switch these days.

Conina said:

A Core i7 as minimum for Wolfenstein 2 was a joke from the beginning.

They changed it later to an i5:

Those minimum requirements are still a joke.
The i5 2500K is not that much different from the 3570K in the end.
And various Nahelem chips that predate even those can be faster as well.

The FX 8350 being minimum is alright... And the counter to that CPU would probably be the Core i7 940 from 2008.

On the GPU front... The "Minimum Requirement" Radeon R9 290 is actually slightly faster than the "recommended" Radeon RX 470 GPU.

If a PC game can run comfortably on a Core 2/Phenom/Core i3/FX Quad/ + Geforce 1030 DDR3 - Then there is no reason why it can't get a Switch port.

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