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Forums - Sony Discussion - Heavy Rain VS Detroit: Become Human ??


Which game is better for you personally ?

Detroit: Become Human! 100 % 9 64.29%
Heavy Rain! 100 % 1 7.14%
MAYBE Detroit Become Human.. 2 14.29%
MAYBE Heavy Rain.. 1 7.14%
I can not decide. 1 7.14%
See results! 0 0%

i understand :) I heard a few soundtracks from Fahrenheit today. Atmospheric :)

It's hard to say which character I find the best in Detroit. Love three and i like so many *-*

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With 4 playthroughs I'm fully satisfied with Detroit. Hank and Conner are my favorite duo this year. No matter how you play them against each other they are both great in all their interactions. I haven't explored all the possibilities so just missing some of the magazines for the platinum trophy. (and apparently 2 character variations) Great game, definitely better than Heavy rain in most aspects.