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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - France Day 1 Shipments for SSB Ultimate: 500k (30k Switch Bundles)

It's way too early for such strict shipment restrictions. Only reason would be, if Nintendo by now already knows they can't deliver enough and have to ration the portions. Real shipments will depend on the orders of the retailers, which in turn would be based on preorders.

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If it is true then that is Crazy! But it has to happen if we think it will sell close to 8mil in 1 month!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

That seems pretty insane. But I acutally think this could be doable.
It took Odssey 10 weeks, from release to end of the year, to reach 500k in France. And that was with less then 1M of Switch owners.

For Smash release hardware will be at roughly 1.5M in France.
Odyssey hat an attachrate of over 20% in its first week and Smash would need to push that to over 30%

Still it strange that we get this number so far from release. Maybe marketing is going really crazy in the upcoming weeks.