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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Megaman 11 Demo now available. (Switch/PS4/XBO)

Thanks for the heads up, will download later.


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Hiku said:
Mar1217 said:

Fan translation. I'm actually already on Chapter 4.

This game is the biggest emotional rollercoaster I've ever had for a game since the Zero Escape Trilogy. Wouldn't be surprised if I were to cry before even reaching the end of the game.

That's an interesting comparison, since I'm currently on the third game of the Zero Escape series. I know the first Earthbound game was all sorts of messed up so I guess I can imagine...

Probably the best way to sum up the game, honestly.

Where's Earthbound was kinda messed up, funny, surprising and charming. Mother 3 is kinda everything before + a focused storyline, a stronger cast and a fending crippling depression inside of you all included in one package.

Edit : Though, I think I'm deralling the thread so I'll stop there,lol.

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Downloaded it.

I'm assuming this was going to be an "and it's available now" announcement from the direct.

Shame the direct won't be as exciting with a few of the things inevitably leaking (though don't get me wrong, delayed the direct was the definite right choice. People's lives come first before video games).

With the Yoshi name leaked I think it's all but confirmed to be at the direct, too. And I think The Lego Harry Potter collection for Switch, which was just revealed today, was probably going to be revealed at the direct, too.

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Awesome will definitely check out the demo.

Somewhat related - I noticed on the Switch eshop a game called 20XX that is indie game mega man clone but rogue-like. Anyone have opinions on 20XX compared to the mega man series in general? I think between the two 20XX looks more interesting to me than mega man 11.

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Demo was really fun.

Controls were tight, having a dedicated button for Rush Coil really helps with the flow of the game, and the gear system is pretty cool, and the time limit on it is just right so that it feels very powerful and satisfying without being game-breaking.

Can't wait for the full release.

Seems pretty good so far. Will definitely enjoy it more than the other non 8bit classic Mega Man games.

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Played it for a little bit, had to stop to get my copy of Spider-man but from what a played, it runs great on the Switch, felt like I'm playing Megaman/Rockman 8 again, which is great. I'll play it to the end this time in a while.


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From what I played yesterday, I'm certainly not a pro at Megaman games xD Although, after defeating the boss (and it's crazy 3rd phase) I admit that I was pretty impressed and I will definitely check the final release.

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I played it Friday night. Holy crap, that was difficult. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less. Each game takes practice to master, even if you're a vet of the series. It took me a good while to get good at Mega Man 9 & 10 even though I've been playing MM games since 1988. The Gear System adds more depth to the gameplay, but it doesn't make it any easier. Block Man's level was longer than the norm for a Mega Man game, with two mini-bosses. I like how Block Man had multiple phases to his battle, turning giant after losing about half of his health, then back to normal but in a berserker mode once you nearly deplete his life gauge. It probably took me about ten tries to finally finish the level, and even then it was by the skin of my teeth. I'm talking one life energy unit on my last life. I had just busted Block Man down from his giant form, and just before he could kill me, I used the Double Gear to fire a charged shot and finish him off instead.

Overall, the gameplay felt really nice. And while I initially didn't care for the change from 8-bit sprites to 3D, I must say that the vibrant, cel-shaded look fits the series' aesthetic very well. On the other hand, the music didn't really stand out, though, but then again the game is brand new.

Definite day-one purchase for me. I already pre-ordered my copy.


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