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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch already has more games available/announced games than Wii U and 3DS

Miyamotoo said:
Barkley said:

Well even if that is the case it makes Wikipedia figures even worse.

Wii, WiiU and 3DS are all lower on Wikipedia (Global) than Nintendo has them for just NA.

I just pointing that those are not complete list even on Nintendo site, they have different numbers for different regions.

Some game collectors have pretty accurate lists of at least all physical releases for these consoles on google docs. It gets much more complicated with digital-only releases, unfortunately.

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zippy said:
Always baffles me when some people on forum's complain that their Switch is gathering dust. Surely its on the individual if they can't find something to play from a choice of over 1300 games.

Yeah totally. I thought I'd only buy a few games a year cuz I'm not looking to spend a lot or play games a ton, but I got my Switch last July and already have 12 games and I have another 9 on my wishlist that are currently out. Sure for the CoD/Fifa crowd who only buy sports games and shooting games there isn't much, but thats why PS4 exists.

How many of them are non indy?

Would be nice to know how many have been published physically (or plan to be) vs save Wii or GCN



Great. I'm more and more sure that both Sony and MS will include a hybrid version in their range next gen, Ninty once again showed the right way to go, an attractive console with a very useful main feature, easy and cheap to develop for and with a widened market that makes even easier to sell enough a game to break even and profit. A much needed pause in the recent past trend of skyrocketing dev costs could even save again the games industry from another possible big crash that luckily we'll never see.

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The Switch's success I think is a combination of not just good games (which brings failures like the Gamecube and Wii U, or mixed-successes like the Nintendo 64), but also hardware that is attractive to both consumers and a wide-enough list of developers. I think the 2nd part is really important, because without that crucial element it probably would have sold a lot worse and would have had less developers willing to support it initially within it's first year. It is because of this combination that we see such a great amount of games. It really is exciting, even if a lot of the games do not speak to me.

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And yet people buy those games, as we can see again with Dead Cells right now.
At the end of next year Switch should have more games than the DS ever had. Sure, many of them are indie games, but that doesn't make them lesser games.