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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Division 2's Bonus Editions are Horrendous

I may be a day or two late to the party but Ubisoft has just recently put The Division 2 up for pre-order, and I am convinced that this is the absolute worst case of pre-order bonuses and bonus editions ever. First off, it has what you would expect for pre-order bonuses like extra weapon and skin packs (I assume thats what they are) and access to the beta, but then things just start to get worse...

For pre-ordering any bonus edition of the game, you will get to play the game THREE DAYS EARLIER than those who bought the standard edition which has got to be a new low. beyond that - heres a quick breakdown of everything you get with each "tier" of bonus editions

Standard Edition > copy of the game

Gold Edition > Game, Year 1 Pass

Gold Steelbook Edition > Game, Steelbook, Year 1 Pass, also not eligible for TtTT pre-order bonus (remember this one)

Ultimate Edition > everything in Gold, Battleworn Secret Service Pack, First Responder Pack, Elite Agent Pack, does not include steelbook

Pheonix Shield / Dark Zone Edition > everything in Ultimate, Steelbook, Soundtrack, real life map of the game, Book of Lithographs

(both the Pheonix Shield and Dark Zone Editions include their own figurines / statues, that is the only difference)


now here is the cherry on top - if you notice i specifically pointed out that the Gold Steelbook Edition is not eligible for the TtTT bonus. The only reason i could find for this, and correct me if Im wrong, is because it is physical only, whereas that specific bonus is only available if you pre-order a digital copy of the game on Ubisoft's website. So they are basically punishing you for wanting the physical game. You either have to get the normal physical edition and skip the steelbook or buy a more expensive edition and get them both. Its hard to believe at this point that not even a decade ago one could argue that Ubisoft was the best third party company.

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You do realize the early access isn't new right. Many other games have have done that, such as Battlefield 5, The Crew 2, Gears of War 4, State of Decay 2, Forza Horizon, EA Sports games,

This has been common for years now, infact.

edit: I disagree, Ubisoft now is actually better than it was last gen and earlier this gen, imo. 

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I don't know what TtTT is lol, but the whole "punishing for buying physical" has been a thing for ages, so many games have digital only preorder bonuses, even if they're only if they're only themes and avatars or skin packs or whatever... doesn't bother me in the slightest though, a game has to be above exceptional to have me not only preorder it, but preorder a "higher" version, since 99.9% of the time I go with standard editions anyway, and in some cases I've even bought the standard edition over the GOTY edition simply because I like the box art better, lol.

This is something Unisoft does