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Forums - Gaming Discussion - New World record on Secret of Mana remake


It is difficult for me to contain my satisfaction, after 5 months of intensive practice on the game and a very limited support...Unfortunately the few youtubers who decide what is good and what is bad, without even being real expert, convinced the majority of the players around the world that this remake was shit.

Some of you probably noticed the link in my signature, but sadly this was not completly legit as the official WR on

My previous 2h33 was made in 1 controller, and the official WR in 2h32 was performed using 2 controllers. The moderators decided that using 2 controllers was not a heavy reason enough to separate the leaderboard in 2 categories...BUT this time I have beaten every WR by more than 1 minute, still using 1 controller. So I can now finaly say that I have the world record for this game whatever 1 or 2 controllers.

Speedrunning this damn game was a real pain as it never proposes 2 similar configurations...I had to identify and memorize every possible patterns through the whole game to be able to complete it consistently.

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