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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is everybody's opinion on Final Fantasy Type 0?

Didn't like it.

The story didn't interest me. The characters sucked (seriously, naming them after a pack of cards? Who had that dumb ass idea?). And I didn't like the combat. The 2nd worst FF game I've ever played with only 12 being worse.

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My biggest complaint is the towns are really small and basically just copies of eachother. It's a very forgettable game as well, I platted it, but can't remember much about it.

I platinumed it well it is kind of easy to do so, thought it was a very boring game and I forced myself trough it because it released around bloodborne. But i had some interesting elements and with a bigger budget they could have a masterpiece. I prefer World of Final Fantasy also platinumed it and I think it is way better.

I play a lot of JRPGs, and I must say that I see Type 0 fairly often when I'm shopping for games and there have been countless times when I have thought about picking it up. The review scores make me hesitant, however, I enjoyed FF13 very much despite it's less than stellar reviews.

I still need to finish Lightning Returns, which I started several times but never finished it (I think as far as I got was day 8 or 9 possibly (having done two or three of the major story arcs).

I've had the game since it came out. Not once have I put it in my PS4. Not sure why. I suppose I should fire it up one of these days.