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Forums - Gaming Discussion - are VG publishers playing games with us with game announcements?

I mean what the hell is even left for E3? probably not much at this point from anyone that isn't named microsoft but we probably have an idea what they will show


few years ago it was TGS. then they abandoned it. then Gamescom. then they abandoned it. last year we had PGW. am not sure whats the point of all of this?


E3 is meant for shit like that RE7R reveal. exciting stuff that is either unexpected or not told before hand. new stuff. surprises. obviously not all. but that has been the staple for E3 for over 20 years.


like am honestly not excited for E3 for the first time in ages.  I like the games that will be shown,. but E3 isn't the equivalent of watching a randomly uploaded trailer on youtube. 

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Mny companies are getting the obvious announcements out of the way first, so they don't overshadow their true surprises.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I think the big surprises are still being held close to the hearts of the big 3. There's some smaller to medium leaks, but I think the bigger ones are still safe.