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Forums - Sony Discussion - HOW FAR WILL YOU GO TO BE FREE ? Science? Become Human..?

How far will you go to be free ? Let's talk about artificial intelligence, robots, science and our future in the world.

The biggest question is:

How much does "freedom" mean to you in your life ? What would you do in our world to live freely ? Share your thoughts :)

Are you looking forward to a world with intelligent robots? In which year will the most robots the own emotions?

here the Launch Trailer for "Detroit Become Human" = )

edit: The game will be released tomorrow. When is artificial life real life? Everyone defines differently. At some point, the future may come true, the artificial intelligence is already strong (a computer robot won a chess match against the best chess player in the world, I've heard). Detroit Become Human is a game with philosophy and psychology. In the past some games have had it too (Metal Gear Solid-Games, BTS ect). Thats very interesting for me. The topic, the future, the possibilities of research, the science.

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Detroit: Become Human - Countdown to Launch

Too many games are coming out or just release and so little time sigh lol



Cobretti2 said:
Too many games are coming out or just release and so little time sigh lol

That's true. We need more lifetime or holidays ;D Too many big and amazing new PS4 games in the last months.

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What It Means To Be Human Interview: