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Good to see Halo CE get such praise. Its amazing. Halo 3 is my favourite as it does everything right.

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1. Halo 2: Was such a genre defining experience, and one of the biggest slap in the face I ever got in my gaming experience. Also it's kind of the kickstarter for online play.

2. Halo CE: I don't think anybody has forgotten the sense of wonder you feel when you first arrive on the Halo. Such an incredible experience. F**k the library though.

3. Halo Reach: Even though everybody knew the story of Reach, the story was told in such a way that it kept me invested from start to finish. Also, that ending, damn...

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1. Halo CE. This is still my favorite FPS campaign ever, and my all-time favorite non-Nintendo game. I've played through it too many times to count. It introduced or popularized so many new things to the genre, including massive outdoor environments, the two-weapon limit, allowing players to melee or throw grenades without having to formally equip a grenade or melee weapon, and regenerating shields. Not only was a revolution in the genre when it came out in 2001, but it did things that even its sequels didn't do. It's still incredibly fun, and I enjoy it regularly to this day (just completed another playthrough the other day). The multiplayer hasn't aged well, with an overpowered pistol and grenades and terrible spawns, but it still has its charm as well, with some great map designs

2. Halo: Reach. After what I felt were significant missteps in Halo 2 & 3, Bungie's final Halo game had a rock-solid foundation and some of the best gameplay in the series. The campaign had great level design and encounters, and it also did a really good job of portraying a world being overrun by alien invaders. The multiplayer was perhaps the most enjoyable of any Bungie-era Halo game, and the Forge mode was greatly expanded. In fact, despite Forge getting significant improvements in Halo 5, I still think some of the most inventive custom maps were in Reach thanks to a larger selection of game modes and with Forge World being a bigger backdrop. My biggest complaints about Reach focused on its narrative. The protagonists were flat and uninteresting, and the plot retconned the entire last third of the novel "The Fall of Reach."

3. Halo 3: ODST. While it's a spin-off, ODST took a lot of risks that I felt paid off. The campaign's hub-and-spoke structure worked very well, and the levels, while shorter than series norm, were well designed. The story's tale of more ordinary soldiers fighting in a city under siege worked quite well, and it did more to show that the Earth was under threat than Halo 3 did. The AI was also improved over Halo 3's as well. While it didn't have a proper multiplayer mode, Firefight was still quite enjoyable with its steadily increasing challenge.

1. Halo Reach
2. ???
3. ???

... Halo Reach is the only game in the series I've played, aside from spending a night at my mate's house playing Halo 2, but Reach was one of my most played games on X360, and along with the Gears of War games (Specifically the first and third) is the main reason I kept my XBL subscription going for so long, lol.

Not counting ODST as a mainline game, it's anything before 343.

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3, 2, Reach


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1. Halo 3
2. Halo 2, honestly, i think it improved in almost every aspect over Halo CE
3. Halo 5, only because of multiplayer though. The campaign was a massive letdown after Halo 4's.

The weakest one though still a really good game is ODST in my oppinion. One isuue, for me, is that those ODST's play far to much like the Master Chief or the Spartan III's ind Reach.

Halo 3: ODST is my favorite. The brutes are my favorite enemy to fight and it was great as they were the main enemy. The jazzy soundtrack was really memorable and made traveling the abandoned city at night really atmospheric, and I've sunk countless hours in Firefight.
After that it would have to be Halo 3. Even though I hadn't played Halo 1 and 2, that game really felt epic, and seemed like the stakes were high. Great soundtrack, fun missions and an epic story.

The only other Halos I played was 4 and Reach and they were also good, but the two aforementioned are on another level for me.

I've not played Halo 2, Halo 5, or Halo Wars 2. But from the others:

1 - Halo Wars 
2 - Halo 3: ODST
3 - Halo