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Forums - Sony Discussion - Anybody else want a sequel to Tokyo Jungle at E3?

I never owned a PS3, so I missed out on the original Tokyo Jungle, but I watched let's plays of it and thought it looked pretty cool. Anybody else here enjoy it and want to see a sequel? 

Of course I have no clue how successful it was, it might have been a total flop. I'm not even sure if the developer, Crispy's, is still around, they might have shut down since then for all I know. 

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Hell yes, but man it was hard as hell. I never got close to finishing. Still good though

Wouldn't be announced at E3. Probably Gamescom.
A port, at least, would be cool. Bring the vita version too

Yes Tokyo Jungle is awesome! Take the concepts and expand on them. Dont Know if you guys noticed, but the GoW trailer with dogs used 2 species of dog which are considered to be the main characters from Tokyo Jungle