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Forums - General Discussion - AMD fights back the NVIDIA "#1 Gaming Platform" claim.


What is Your gaming platform

NVIDIA 6 28.57%
AMD 11 52.38%
NVIDIA + AMD 4 19.05%
Xerox machine 0 0%

Who cares about selling GPUs to gamers.
Data-centers and HEDT is where all the profit comes from.

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vivster said:
It is a stupid claim without any qualifiers. It's not like people on consoles are choosing their GPU manufacturer. AMD is not so prevalent on consoles because people love AMD, Switch is not that successful because people love Nvidia.

So the old rule from the past decades still stands. Nvidia is the GPU maker of choice for you, AMD is the GPU maker of choice for your wallet.

Not always...there were more than few times when ATI actually had better GPUs, but it was indeed long time ago and AMD completely dropped the ball in last couple of years.

Well I mostly game on an AMD platform (PS4)

But Intel+Nvidia all the way for PC's.

I dislike Nvidia and try to avoid using them. They have shitty tactics, such as paying devs to use Nvidia features such as HairWorks and PhysX, features which Nvidia specifically designs to run poorly on AMD hardware. Devs should be using TressFX for hair physics instead of Hair Works, since it runs well on both AMD and Nvidia hardware.