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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Firewatch developer Campo Santo has been acquired by Valve

caffeinade said:


Their next game is still coming to consoles.
Firewatch is still coming to Switch too.


Well, that's all that's coming from them at least.


There hasn't been another Valve owned game on consoles for years, and TF2/CS were outdated on last gen systems compared to their PC versions.

Not really sure why people are only now going "wonder if we'll still get something", considering that the big 3 have done this before with other studios and bought up exclusivity rights.


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I really liked Firewatch...up until I realized that trailer was completely misleading and that (what I presumed) would be in line with best X-Files episodes fizzled to another contemporary "emotions" BS.

Great artwork and overall atmosphere though.

Congratulatuions. But thats enough for now - the next two decades or so. Dont overstrain yourselves Valve. Whole 12 new people into fold. Wonder what exciting new redundant card games they ll be developing in the near future. Cant wait.

Hunting Season is done...

Nice. 12 more people to polish Gabe's gigantic golden statue. His chin will be shinier then ever .

In the wilderness we go alone with our new knowledge and strength.

Valve... Now that's not a name I've heard in a long time. A very long time. I miss their games. :(

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12 people just the right size for the type of games valve has in the pipeline.

So Valve finally starts making games by themself? Never expected that to happen. Maybe one dday a Valve game could be the most anticipated game ever!