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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumour: Nintendo direct predicted every Thursday


When is the Nintendo direct?

Tomorrow 6 40.00%
Thursday 5 33.33%
Every day of the week 4 26.67%

Well if there isnt one tomorrow ,you can be damn sure about the rumours for march 15th,22nd,29th to be right.

Keep your expectations high.



P.S. /S

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Hope there is only one Nintendo direct before E3 just to announce the release date for that Yoshi game... The rest, I'd rather have everything compacted in one awesome Direct in June for E3 with really big surprises and new videos for games already announced that haven't been shown, like Metroid Prime 4 and Fire Emblem.

I like it.

But I think Directs are more common on Wednesdays.

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I guarantee, there will be one between tomorrow and 12th of June (or in next 97 days).

I still remember the naive younglings expecting a big direct in february. Lol.

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Damn, roast away,at least one of the poll options was right.

There won't be a direct until the end of this year m8, stop drinking.


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Great timing OP xD

tbone51 said:
Great timing OP xD

Hey I did say I believed it was on a thursday xD