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- Britney Spears
- Astrophysics
- Quantum mechanics
- Cooking
- Video games

That is all. I'd like to add sailing one Day, but I can't afford a boat right now. =P

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World history, politics, wrestling (not pro,) and boxing. Those take up most of my free time. I coach wrestling and I've boxed off and on for about 18 years. I like to fish and hunt too. I love retro games too, but it's only a small time investment typically minus the past two months due to some family health issues. Nothing serious at least.

I'll list a few of the big interests of mine:

-Tide Pods


-Mysteries, especially ones of the criminal or disappearance variety. Jane/John Does are some of my favorites. Or just generally "this person went missing, where are they?"

-Historical Mysteries like The Man in the Iron Mask. I guess that's kind of the same thing as Mysteries, but who cares!

-Music! Even though I've pretty much given up on Guitar I can still listen to it! It's fantastic!

-Writing. I used to write a lot of reviews and some day I hope to start doing so again.

-Thinking about what things I could accomplish in an alternate reality.


-Other people's way of thinking.

-Video Games.

-Sometimes anime.

That's all I can think of : /

Network technology and anime. There is not really much else. Video games and cycling isn't very much an interest but more rather a hobby.

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