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Forums - Politics Discussion - The utter lack of western media's reporting on massive white people murdered in South Africa is appalling...

fluky-nintendy said:

Have seen a few videos from this youtuber that has been reporting many cases of brutally in South Africa mainly discriminating/brutally murdering white farmers. In fact the president himself, encourages his own people to go on and kill white people and take their farms for themselves like something normal and to rejoice about.

I keep wondering why haven't I heard about this before until this day, crimes that are happening every SINGLE day not just once a month, and the media never brought this up once, I had to find randomly on youtube because I saw a blond chick on the small video image first.

I leave the links:

Okay, having looked through this again;


The comment by the president is just straight up fiction. Don't get me wrong, the Zuma is a lunatic. But the worst he's said on the issue is proposing communist-style redistribution of land, by the state. I was unable to find any source that could provide me an example of him inciting citizens to violence against white farmers (or anyone, for that matter - because that's just ridiculous.)


South Africa is an exceptionally violent - among all communities, you WILL find a good handful of sob stories to report - also for white farmers. There seems to be no evidence whatsoever that the target community has been particularly targeted by a wave of crime.


Conclusion - until further notice, this is a non-story. Just another case of media (in this case, a random Youtuber) selectively taking sentimental stories to gain traction for bogus alarmist claims. Same shit they pulled with BLM. I hate this kind of stuff... 

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spurgeonryan said:
I suggest you send the link to the big news outlets and try to get them to shed some light on it.

They would never run such a story. After all the lamestream media is controlled by the Jews and the Gays who love black people and muslims and hate white people. I heard that CNN is sacrificing a white mother and her unborn child every day in the breakfast canteen. But not before aborting her child and then put it back into her so they can abort it again.

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The minute I saw the source was a youtube video I knew something was fishy. Then I clicked on the link and saw who it was...

This doesn't fit the narrative of all white people (men) are evil. What is our Western news and media nowadays? It's certainly dominated heavily by a foreign nation, the USA.

People of Colour are victims, Black Lives Matter!
Women are victims, up the feminists.
Donald Trump is Satan.
The Middle East and some North Korea (the Jews want your central bank) for good measure.

This is all dumbed down further with that vile Hip Hop culture and twerking, brainwashing millions of goons.

White farmers being burned alive, shot, stabbed or bludgeoned to death after the women are raped, who cares??

It's Black Lives that Matter!

palou said:
SpokenTruth said:
Western media coverage filled with data, logic and reason.

Hmm, yes, that would be sound to add to the op.

But then that would go entirely against him saying that Western media is not reporting it.

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I don't see any good that can come from a topic like this, and with a few posts that already cross the line (in my eyes), this one dies here.