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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ideaki Itsuno teasing new game for 2018...DMC??

ideaki itsuno (well know as director of devil may cry 2,3 and 4 and dragon's dogma) is teasing new game for 2018, finally next entry of devil may cry...??

Happy new year! I am sorry that I can not present a new project last year. The development of the project is now under climax. I am making a great game so please expect it.

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wasnt he busted in one of those interview videos, where a fan asked him.... and all he could do was just close his mouth and kinda smirk at the guy?

At this point it seems extremly likely to happend :)

Scalebound for PS4 and PC!

lol jk

Hoping its Devil May Cry 5 and honestly I still think they should let Ninja Theory make a DmC Devil May Cry 2 at the same time.


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