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Is this a good casting choice?

Yes 0 0.00%
No 2 50.00%
Too early to tell 2 50.00%
There's an Uncharted movie? 0 0.00%

Interesting casting choice. Not sure he'll live up to it and it's a big gamble seeing as they haven't even seen the audience response to his Spider Man portrayal yet...

#SonyPictures announced years ago that they would be making a film adaptation of the popular PlayStation franchise, Uncharted, and fans have been excited about seeing the character of Nathan Drake on the big screen ever since.

The film's lengthy development period gave fans time to speculate who would play the role of the game’s lead, Nathan Drake, with actors like Scott Eastwood, Mark Wahlberg, Chris Pratt, and Bradley Cooper being thrown into the mix.

Most fans assumed that Sony would cast an actor in his early 30s to play Nathan Drake; however, Sony appears to be going in a different direction for the film. News recently broke that Sony has found their Nathan Drake, and he is none other than Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland.

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