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Forums - Sports Discussion - Man, 3-1 sucks.

MTZehvor said:
Fuchigole said:
This is very common in football. It's no that strange to see one team scoring two goals to tie the game or three to win it.

While I can't speak for what the rest of the world calls football, overcoming a deficit this large in American football is incredibly rare. NFL teams down by 25 points or more are 3-191 since 2001. 10 points (2 possessions) was the largest comeback in Super Bowl history before yesterday. And while 3-1 deficits have been overcome before in baseball and basketball, those are pretty rare as well. To have three comebacks like this in American professional sports in the same year is unprecedented.

Here in Mexico there's  famous football/soccer/futbol (whatever you got the idea) team  called Cruz Azul that usually has high advantge on games even on finals and then messes up. It's so common for them to do it that whenever other team does it we say: La Cruzazulea (They messed up like Cruz Azul)