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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ubisoft conférence - Live in Paris

Bodhesatva said:
Can you name what each system is for? I assume Rabbids is for Wii, and you mentioned the last is for 360/PS3, but what about the others?
Sorry but I can't. In fact guys on the conference only use mobile (short messages), not WIFI... 


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Okay, Fab. Just give us all the info you've got, this is interesting!">">

In fact, even the pictures I see are taken by a mobile...


New 3D funny animations with rabbits...

Are the guys sleeping ? Don't know...

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Don't know if it's over

Naruto : Rise of the Ninja (X360)


That Naruto game on 360 looks really good.

Thanks to Blacksaber for the sig!

How does the Naruto look?




How does it look ? don't know.