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One of my daily sites to hit is Yahoo.  Mainly for the news, actually literally only for the news.  You know, anything that's new, whatever that may be getting my attention.  As of late, I have been getting annoyed with all they're covering.  A lot of it is Hello Giggles and Kim Kardanshian and how Blue Ivy is so damn adorable.  No more Beyounce, please!!!  Just stop!.

I read gaming news, but I don't just want one genre or topic to read on.  I want to be surprised by the spectrum of all things happening now.  Facebook, twitter, instagram, all of that is just fluff like yahoo too, so I don't go there. 

If you can, please give me sites I can just get lost into.  And please, real articles.  Good, finely written articles. 

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I usually look at Sky news

Well actually I look at Sky Sports news , but they have a little section with some headlines from their general news site that I occasionally click on.

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

Sankaku Complex. You don't need anything more.

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I know they have been receiving donations from Microsoft in the past but I think VOX Media have some interesting news sites with great functionality and enjoyable content.

Tech, entertainment and culture: The Verge

Gaming: Polygon

General news: Vox

Sports: SBNation