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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Tournament Generations 1 - 6 Round 1, Match 17

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Approved by RavenXtra <3

Hello and welcome to the Ultimate Pokemon Tournament! This torunament will feature the first 721 Pokemon from gens 1 - 6 and only 1 will be crowned the winner. The First Round will consist of 36 rounds of 20 Pokemon and only 10 of them will advance per round. There are no second chances in this round, if the Pokemon is 11th place or below it is out! Voting last until the next round is posted which should be around 12pm EST.

Even though there are 20 Pokemon per round you are only voting for the 10 you think should advance like in the example below:

10p Wartortle

9p Squirtle

8p cyndaquil

7p chimchar

6p turtwig

5p poliwag

4p caterpie

3p Pikachu

2p Ledyba

1p Pichu

The Top 10 Pokemon for each round will advance to round 2

Match 16 Results:

1) Mewtwo 90 points

2) Lanturn 52 points

3) Clefairy 50 points

4) Hawlucha 47 points

5) Horsea 45 points

6) Abomasnow 39 Points

7) Beautifly 38 Points

8) Jumpluff 31 Points

9) Hippowdon 27 points

9) Voltorb 27 Points

9) Tornadus 27 Points

12) Mankey 26 Points

13) Corsola 24 Points

14) Paras 19 points

14) Pignite 19 points

16) Minccino 18 Points

17) Stoutland 12 Points

18) Swinub 7 Points

19) Furfrou 5 points

20) Whismur 2 Points

We now move on to the 17th match of the competition, vote your favourites through to round 2 (pictures coming soon)

#721 Volcanion

#502 Dewott

#316 Gulpin

#329 Barboach

#323 Camerupt

#162 Furret

#257 Blaziken

#552 Krokorok

#263 Zigzagoon

#93 Haunter

#237 Hitmontop

#299 Nosepass

#584 Vanilluxe

#475 Gallade

#544 Whirlipede

#455 Carnivine

#472 Gliscor

#324 Torkoal

#543 Venipede

#360 Wynaut

3 way tie breaker, vote for your favourite 2 along side your vote:






Vote your favourties through to round 2

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Da best in dis round ;)


10p - Blaziken
9p - Dewott
8p - Gallade
7p - Haunter
6p - Hitmontop
5p - Camerupt
4p - Torkoal
3p - Gliscor
2p - Volcanion
1p - Furret

Tie Breaker - Tornadus and Hippowdon


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10p Volcanion

9p Gallade

8p Torkoal

7p Hitmontop

6p Haunter

5p Furret

4p Camerupt

3p Gliscor

2p Dewoot

1p Venipede

Hippowdon and Voltorb


10. Blaziken

9. Haunter

8. Gallade

7. Hitmontop

6. Gliscor

5. Venipede


3. Zigzagoon

2. Furret

1. Carnivine


Voltorb and Tornadus

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10p Blaziken


9p Gallade


8p Haunter


7p Gliscor


6p Dewott


5p Volcanion


4p Torkoal


3p Hitmontop 


2p Camerupt


1p Vanilluxe 


Tie Breaker Hippowdown and Tornadus

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10p Furret
9p Wynaut
8p Haunter
7p Blaziken
6p Gallade
5p Dewott
4p Gulpin
3p Zigzagoon
2p Krokorok
1p Hitmontop

Tie: Hippopowdon, Voltorb

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10p Haunter
9p Blaziken
8p Gallade
7p Krokorok
6p Gulpin
5p Dewott
4p Gliscor
3p Zigzagoon
2p Hitmontop
1p Furret

voltorb and hippowdon

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10p Blaziken
9p Dewott
8p Gallade
7p Volcanion
6p Haunter
5p Torkoal
4p Krokorok
3p Camerupt
2p Hitmontop
1p Furrret

Tornadus and Hippowdon

10p Blaziken
9p Gallade
8p Furret
7p Gliscor
6p Haunter
5p Dewott
4p Volcanion
3p Vanilluxe
2p Krokorok
1p Wynaut

Voltorb and Tornadus

10p - Blaziken
9p - Haunter
8p - Torkoal
7p - Gliscor
6p - Vanilluxe
5p - Dewott
4p - Krokorok
3p - Camerupt
2p - Zigzagoon
1p - Gallade

Tie breaker - Hippowdon & Voltorb

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