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Welcome in my first thread, if you have something post it here

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If you are cool or fun watch out for the mods they like to ban those kind of people .

But hey welcome on the forum ^^''.

Welcome to the site!



welcome to vgchartz.

Gamertag: KillswitchTris PSN ID: KsET665 Wii Friend Code: 8415 6393 6330 0940 (PM me if you add me)
Feel Free To Add Me Tag: LISMDK - Extremely bad taste in music
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I'm one piece of hot meat


welcome here for your first thread

moar funny pictures


hey kitty

Don't listen to montana o.o; He'll tickle your soul, then after he's finished, BAM. Your bacon's been stolen :/ I should know... it's happened.

From 0 to KICKASS in .stupid seconds.