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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I'm proud of myself. I beat a game.

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I'm happy to announce to the VGChartz community that I had just beaten Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 on my PlayStationTV.  This is a very special occasion for me since as a husband, father, church elder and a full-time employee, carving out time to play games from start to finish is nowhere near high on the priority list.  I've dabbled with a variety of games in the recent past.  The last game I've extensively played was Skyrim.  Before that, I had finished Sly Cooper 2 remastered.  I'm going to go back through Hyperdimension to uncover what I've missed.  But a backlog of RPGs doesn't do any favors for time management.


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Nice one!

Given the avy I take it you liked it as well, any chance you'll complete #2 now?

Now go and platinum it.

Good that you played that version and not the original one on the PS3... anyway congrats.

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No such thing as too much Nep Nep! Congrats!


estebxx said:
Good that you played that version and not the original one on the PS3... anyway congrats.

Actually, I have the original PS3 version.  After reading all the mediocre reviews, I took a chance on it only to find that it was stagnant at best.  Lost interest when I really tried to get back into it.  Then, I heard about Re;Birth.  So I had my PSTV hacked to I can play it on the big screen.  it was worth the effort and wait.

I feel like, more and more, games are being designed to fit your lifestyle. Not a lot of adults have the time to commit hours and hours to a single game, so I think that that is an excellent mood of which I am in complete and total favor of.

Well, this is new.


Wooohooo! Congrats!

Rock on!