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Since I don't think E3 will change anything, I'll go with the same games as last month:

1-Civilization VI (PC)
2-Mass Effect 4 (PC)
3-Planet Coaster (PC)
4-Zelda U (WiiU)
5-Endless Space 2 (PC)

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1. The Legend Of Zelda U (WiiU)
2. Mass Effect Andromeda (PS4)
3. Rhythm Heaven Megamix (3DS)
4. Ni-Oh (PS4)
5. Paper Mario Color Splash (WiiU)

1. Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
2. Persona 5 (PS4)
3. Nier: AutoMata (PS4)
4. DanganRonpa 3 (PSV)
5. Ni-Oh (PS4)

Lots of game in contention for the 4th or 5th spots. Trials in Cold Steel II, Dragon Quest VII, 7th Dragon, Tokyo Xanadu, Yomawari, Nino Kuni 2, and Horizon are all hyped.

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1. The Legend Of Zelda U (WiiU/NX)
2. Forza horizon 3 (Xbox one)
3. Battlefield 1 (Xbox one)
4. Gears of War 4 (Xbox one)
5. Scalebound (Xbox one)

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1. Horizon - PS4
2. No Man's Sky - PS4
3. Ni-Oh - PS4
4. Detroit - PS4
5. Mass Effect Andromeda - PS4

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Tagging before this gets burred :)

Also Star Ocean is 1st July release in Europe so its still eligible to vote for and will be on my list when I decide on everything else.

I know my list will change after e3. But i figure I'll post now and just see how much it does.

1. Civilization 6 (pc) =
2. Final Fantasy XV (PS4) =
3. Cuphead (XB1) +2
4. The Last Guardian (PS4) reentry
5. Yooka-Laylee (PS4) reentry

1. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse (3DS)
2. Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)
3. Ace Attorney 6 : Spirit of Justice (3DS)
4. Monster Hunter Stories (3DS)
5. Zelda NX (NX)

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Pretty sure my list hasn't changed at all XD

Time flies

1. No Man's Sky (PC)
2. Ace Attorney 6 (3DS)
3. Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC)
4. Rhythm Heaven Megamix (3DS)
5. South Park: Fractured But Whole (PC)