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Forums - Sports Discussion - Who'll be the NBA champion this year?


The champions will be...

Warriors! 16 61.54%
Spurs! 6 23.08%
Thunder 0 0%
Cavs 3 11.54%
Clippers 0 0%
76'ers 1 3.85%

1) Warriors

They have one of the best offenses in history. All of their players can play defense and shoot well. They have the magician known as Curry, have Draymond Green(the heart of the team and great defender), and a supporting cast that is probably the best out of the entire league currently. Seeing them not winning back-to-back titles will be surprising.


2) Cavaliers

1 word- loaded. Trust me, they're more loaded than any other team. LeBron james, Kyrie Irving, AND Kevin Love on one team? Gotta be kidding me. Add JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Dellavadova, Mo Williams, Richard Jefferson, Tristan Thompson, and Mozgof to the roster as well. See all these big names? You could consider them their own mini all-star team.


3) Spurs

Popovich is a great coach, managing to bring potential out of all players, and use them effectively. Even father time(Old Timmy) is a great supporting cast for the Spurs.

Their lockdown defense is one of the best is NBA history. Offense? Don't worry. Aldridge and Leonard are beasts. Their leadership and unselfishness is what made the team be so good for 20 years.


4) Thunder

Kevin Durant and Westbrook are good enough to make you a top 3 team- simple as that. While they're close to the same as before, their cast has gotten better, removing pressure off of KD and Westbrook. 

While unlikely to win it all, they have a small chance of reaching the conference finals.


5) Clippers

Poor clippers losing that 3-1 lead is really making people wonder if they were truly worth $2 billion. 

If the Clippers fix their mistakes, then I can see them reaching the conference finals and falling short. If not, then we'll all see another departure in the semis.

6) Grizzlies

Lmao I'm just pulling at your leg. It'd be surprising enough if they win 2(let alone 1) games against the Spurs.

7) 76'ers

If KD, Curry, LeBron, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Paul George, Hassan Whiteside, Isiah Thomas, Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, and Kyrie Irving all decide to join the 76'ers, they can win it all pretty easily. 


All the other teams have their mistakes pull them down. Cavs seem the most fit for the east, while the West is bizarre. Sure, the east has many good teams, but I don't see any beating a team with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love at center(putting him back to his god-like form).



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I'm going to with Tiger Woods.

Spurs or Warriors.

Thunder choke away fourth quarters regularly, Clippers always find a way to disappoint in the later rounds of the playoffs, and Cleveland doesn't have the talent or scheme necessary to face the Spurs or Warriors.

Not the Warriors. Clippers will have a mission in the second round. Or Thunder in the conference finals.


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Warriors are the favorites, but the spurs can beat them in 7 games. Whoever wins between those two is going to be the champion.


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The top teams of the regular season have all the pressure on them to make their respective Conference Finals and fight their through to NBA Finals. Warriors are the team to beat in the West due to their record breaking 73 -9 record. In the Eastern Conference: the Cavaliers are the team to beat and are lead by the NBAs best player Lebron James.

I don't see anybody other than the Warriors or Spurs coming out of the West.

The East is more wide open. Toronto finished only 1 game behind the Cavs and won the season series against them. There are a few other teams in the East that have the tools to get hot.

If Cleveland does make it to the finals, they played well against Golden State last year despite massive injury problems. If anybody can pull off the upset, it's them.

Smart money is still on Golden State, as long as Curry's ankle injury remains just a minor thing.

I always get my team the Miami Heat but I think the cavaliers or spurs will be the champions


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The Warriors. Though I prefer the Thunder and Spurs over the Warriors.

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