Forums - Gaming Discussion - Gametrailers crew start up new project called EasyAllies

Here is the youtube announcement video:

And they are also on twitch:

Easy Allies a Patreon-supported group of gaming content producers who hate being called content producers. Here on Twitch we're doing our best to stream several hours almost every weekday, with Tuesday nights being our big group streams. We'll be playing a wide variety of games with each new week, so definitely check out the schedule to see what's coming soon.

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For anyone interested in supporting them on Patreon:

Was struggling between the 5-10$ pledge, went with the 10$ one :).

They are getting close:

Next Goal
Our weekly podcast will cover the biggest news stories of the week. This second weekly show will focus more on the games we’re playing, and the broad, cultural topics we want to cover that are also affecting the industry. We’ve wanted to do a second podcast for a while. This milestone will make it a reality.
$9,316 of $10,000 

Patreon goals:

Subscriber Song - $200 per month
The New Couch - $800 per month
Production Equipment - $1,000 per month
A Respectable Gaming PC - $2,000 per month
Mike Huber’s New Show - $4,000 per month
The Return of our D & D Adventure - $6,000 per month
Ian Hinck’s New Show - $8,000 per month
A Second Podcast - $10,000 per month
Reviews Reborn - $15,000 per month
Michael Damiani’s New Show - $20,000 per month
The Return of Retrospectives - $30,000 per month
A New Studio - $50,000 per month

I am done with bumping the thread for a while =p.

I guess I can throw in at 1$.... I miss these guys.

also time to bookmark this page :

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Oh yea! Also holy sh*t, almost 11k on patreon already, wow!

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The goals are awesome, Damiani returning with a show...Fecking retrospectives!

Also fans of kyle bossman should know he will make videos again on his youtube channel.

I'm so happy they are coming back.

Hopefully this works out! Their video was funny as usual.

Absolutely awesome. $1 pledge.

This is the Game of Thrones

Where you either win

or you DIE

Already passed $12k on their Patreon!