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My original 3DS which I bought after the first price drop could barely hold a charge.  I used some money from tax return to buy a New 3DS XL as an "excuse" to upgrade.  I knew I could replace the original 3DS's battery and eventually ordered one for 15 plus 5 for shipping off Nintendo's website.  It was pretty obvious it needed replaced considering it is bulging on both sides in the middle (I'll recycle at a battery store eventually).  So my original 3DS should be almost good as new and it was a pretty easy process that didn't cost that much money (had a small screwdriver which I used previously for upgrading my Wii U gamepad battery to the 2550mAh , they cost me a little over 2 dollars for a pair). 

I was just wondering if anyone out there had a 3DS battery go bad on them also?  For those that haven't do you notice a decrease in battery life?

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Not for now, but I agree it doesn't last as much as it used to. I suppose by the time it needs to be changed, the handheld NX will have arrived, so the 3DS won't go out of my house anymore.

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I've had mine since launch and I've had no issues with the battery so far.

No, still working.


Nope, still works.

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Nope, I changed my 3DS after almost 4 years for different reasons but the battery was all right

Yup. 1 month ago I changed the battery in my black 3DS XL. Fortunately a new battery+screw driver cost me less than £5/$7 and so far it's working fine.

I bought this:


Well, this is new.


I feel like I buy a new model before it ever becomes an issue with my older one

No.. and I've used it for quite some time now

My DS has a longer time usage and didn't need to replace that one either so it's pretty good!

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