Forums - NSFW Discussion - When did you masturbate while playing a video game?

I guess I was young and my video standards were low.

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I buy lots of games based solely on the fact that there's a hot chick on the cover but I've never touched myself. It's just nice to look at the female body.

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Women had odd colors back then.

I recall flipping channels in the 90s and seeing this exercise program where this lady in a yellow leotard (I guess that's the word) was leading a group.

The more she worked out, the more her vagina got exposed. You could tell she realized what was going on and the longer the show went, the more embarrassed she got. I immediately hit record!

The commercial break came and went and she fixed the problem.... Then, it happened, again! At the end of the show, she said something like "I give it to you for free."

I must have spanked it to that video a bajillion times (this was before the internet and porn was scarce!)
I wish I could find it, again!

Not game related but this made me think about that.

mZuzek loves to pre-order

Why would I masturbate over game characters? Isn't that why we have girlfriends?

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SvennoJ said:

Women had odd colors back then.

Looks like this is somewhere in Vegas, a place where you could easily get a sunburn.

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