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I'm probably one of the few people that still use a PC for much of my daily activities- video watching, email, games, etc. 

I use a PC with Windows 10, and am struggling to find music studio-like software that i can use for my computer.

I'm trying to find something like the picture. Note: the picture is from an app called "Music studio", by Alexander Gross. Unfortunately, it's only available for ipad/iphone.  I've had no luck finding anything like it. My friend recommended Fl Studio, but that was too complicated for me.




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Get a 3DS and then download...

It you're planning on creating music through software, two things:

No single program is going to do it for you. They all do different stuff, depending on if you want to make beats, chipmusic, synth stuff, etc.

And if you want to make anything that sounds even remotely professional, you're going to get a program that's complicated. Sorry, but it's just the truth. There is no simple solution, so boot up Fruityloops and find some Youtube tutorials.

For simple audio editing, I use an old version of Adobe Audition.

The software I use to edit audio is Pro Tools, but Nuendo is pretty good too. I think they may be a bit expensive though.

If you're serious about making music, you'll have to dive into a fully functional daw like FLS. It'll seem overwhelming at first but FLS is actually one of the most approachable, and because of its popularity there's a million tutorials out there, not to mention the manual, After a couple months it won't look so daunting. The only other daw I've used a decent amount is logic x, which similarly is quite user friendly and better for recording live instruments, but it's only on mac. just fuck around with a few (ableton, reason, cubase etc.) assuming you're gonna pirate them. Watch a few tutorials, see which one you like... there's no rush.

If you really only care about something more basic, try audacity.

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Audacity is pretty barebones but it does the simple things I care about :p

If you want more advanced ones then I cant help you out, sorry D:

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