Forums - Gaming Discussion - Finally a reason to preorder! Amazon drops prices 20%!!!

As of today, Amazon will now discount pre-order prices by 20%.

This means that the traditional 60$ game will now only be 48$!
That's pretty amazing.

OPf course, you have to be a prime member which is 99$ per year, but it will easily pay off with faster, and free deliveries, and if you have their credit card (like I do) you get another 3% back in points (of which I have 203$ in points)

I dunno man but that's pretty much the first time I've ever really had an incentive to pre-order other than to simply have the game. 

Frankly, this should apply to the entire gaming industry, gamestop and other retail sources as well.


EDIT: just found out best buy also has 20% off preorders on games with their subscription.

Either way, I'm already a prime member, and just ordered odin sphere collectors edition, so, woot for me.

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Yep no brainer, I been using the Best Buy one for a while and its great. Any reason to keep myself out of gamestop is a-ok in my book.

Best buy is Better

59.99 Dollar game ends up being 37.99

20% discount plus a 10 dollar gift card if you preorder, also if game reviews badly you can just cancel it, and with Amazon your stuck shipping it back thats just a pain.

So after 2 games you have paid for the two year membership and have made 10 dollars back. On the third game it's win win.

I always pre-order at my local Gamestop out of goodwill and because I used to work there (thus made some friends who still work there), but between this and Best Buy's Gamer Club, I may change my shopping habits. Though, I can always cancel my Gamestop pre-orders in-store, even days after it is released. That is the only perk, though.

Honestly GameStop offers nothing Best Buy is the best deal, can cancel order also after it's been released.

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