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What would you give this game from a score of 1 to 10

10 4 19.05%
9 7 33.33%
8 5 23.81%
7 4 19.05%
6 1 4.76%
5 0 0%
4 0 0%
3 0 0%
2 0 0%
1 0 0%

Infinite was fun and definitely got me at some twist plot points, though I still prefer Bioshock 2 for the whole underwater city theme with Lamb and the splicers.

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Bioshock Infinite without "Lost at Sea" DLCs: Skippable, boring and a big disappointment compared to the previous games in the series.
Bioshock Infinite with "Lost at Sea" DLCs: Incredible, essential. The DLCs really add a lot to the game and its story, making the whole experience very memorable. The DLC really should have been part of the main game.

I think it's awesome, i enjoyed the main campaign so much and yeah, played on PC of course!

This was one of the last AAA games I really loved. Playing Bloodborne right now, and while I really like it, it's really not something I have fell in love with.

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