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Forums - Sports Discussion - 16-0!!!!!

Tonight, the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, who have a chip on their shoulder to prove that last season's title run and Stephen Curry's MVP award were no flukes or pieces of lucky fortune. And they have just started out with a very historic statement, (at the expense of my Lakers.)
They have become the first team in the history of the National Basketball Association to start the regular season with an undefeated record of 16 and 0!!

Their upcoming schedule includes:
The Suns at Phoenix on Friday.
The Sacramento Kings on Saturday.
The Jazz in Salt Lake City on the 30th.
The Hornets in Charlotte on December 2nd.
The Raptors in Toronto on the 5th.
The Nets in Brooklyn on the 6th.
The Pacers in Indiana on the 8th.
The Celtics in Boston on the 11th.
The Bucks in Milwaukee on the 12th.
And the Phoenix Suns again on the 16th.

How long do you guys think they can keep the streak intact?

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It is now 24-0! I have just jumped on the Warrior bandwagon. Go Warriors!