Forums - Gaming Discussion - What buggy/glitched/problematic games would you play regardless?


Play many games, day 1 re... 4 16.67%
I play some games day (es... 7 29.17%
I always wait a few weeks... 6 25.00%
I wait for a re-release/GOTY 4 16.67%
I'm on steam so early ac... 0 0.00%
I'm on steam and hate Ea... 1 4.17%
Rather not say... 2 8.33%

Smash bros melee, love wavedashing
Mario 64, staircase glitch helps with speed runs

Let's face it, every game is gonna have glitches and bugs regardless of how much development time is spent. What matters is if the gameplay experience is fun throughout

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For me, it depends on the developer's reputation. If I know the developer tends to release buggy games at release (Ubisoft, Bethesda), then I'd wait weeks, months or maybe years after release to get it. If the developer has a relatively good track record on fixing games (Rockstar, Rocksteady) or with rare bug instances (Insomniac, Naughty Dog) then I buy it Day 1.

I didn't even give Snake Eater 3D a free pass for running like shit.

Well, this is new.


I don't really buy any games on day 1, but I would have bought Fallout 4 if I had a PS4 ;-;


I guess I'm the worst. I buy them day 1, but often don't start playing them until much later.
My judgement sucks, I should have waited with The witcher 3 and played Bloodborne first. And now I'll play Fallout 4 when I get my hands on it tomorrow or Thursday, still haven't started Bloodborne or MGS 5.

I play what I feel most like playing, regardless of glitches or reviews. I do have some standards though. I waited with the crew until it was $20 as always online is worse than a few glitches to me. I also refuse to buy early access. But that's more because I don't tend to come back to a game once I've played it. No point in playing a preliminary version. Same with episodic games.

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The only game I've ever bought that seemed like it was a half assed effort with no testing or QA was the last Twisted Metal on PS3, the online demo was bugged and virtually unplayable, rather than fix it Sony just shat it out to market and told us a patch fixed the issues. They did not. So now I just avoid anything Jaffe is associated with.

"All Bethesda games" is the obvious answer. People are pretending like as long as you don't buy day one you're fine, but that's ridiculous--even down the line they reach a point where they're better, but still crazy glitchfests. Doesn't matter though, because the games are awesome. It's just sort of something we all deal with.

All of them. Idgaf about glitches! I did encounter one game breaking glitch in TR 2013 that pissed me off but I usually can work around them.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

If I have fun with them, all of them.

Poor framerate I can live with. I enjoyed the likes of Arkham Origins and AC4 on WiiU.

My take: resolution/framerate problems just expose gameplay flaws more brightly. AO turns out okay because the basic Batman Arkham formula is really stellar. Any other game with the same technical flaws but worse core gameplay is off much worse (Devil's Third comes to mind).

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