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I've been reading about the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game, and can't decide if it's a must buy or if I should play one of the many other games in the busiest time of year. I consider myself a 'semi-hard core' gamer and I play very few FPS titles. I can't help getting wrapped up in the excitement of the phrase "the ultimate Star Wars video game fantasy" (although I'm thinking this could be publisher hype now), and of course the episode VII film just around the corner. 

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I would get it and then wait till BF or Christmas for your other anticipated titles. That's what I'm going. Plus I'm going to a lot of films this time of year so it'll be nice to just hop on BF and play a little between work and movies (either at home holiday related ones or in the theaters checking out the oscar contenders)

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I am in the fence too, Ill share my points, so they might help you decide. I dont like competitive Multi player, because I play for fun, but too many people online play to win, so I only play with a few of my friends. Now, this game is mostly competitive Multiplayer and you cant select who to play with, but if you decide to dive in, there is no chat, dont have to listen to the "hardcore" complain at your play level. On the other had, it does have cooperative Multiplayer which is what is very appealing to me, and my friends plan to get the game for this same purpose, but the down side is that the coop map showed in the beta was very small and repetitive so if all are like that it will be a waste. At the end:

reasons to buy:
- coop multiplayer
- Starwars
- no chat (if you decide to go competitive)
reasons to not buy:
- mostly competitive multiplayer
- automatic matchmaking
- no private games
- no campaign
- Repetitive coop maps

So at the end to me is how much fun those coop maps with the Star wars theme, if they manage to out weight the terrible (for me) cons ill buy it.

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Did you enjoy the beta? If you did then you should definitely get it if you're really interested in it.

I enjoyed the beta but I'm going to hold off. With a season pass for Battlefront and being an EA game, I can't help to wonder if this game will have a GOTY edition or be an annual game so I'm going to wait it out and see.

I missed the beta, is it closed now?

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If you like PVP games? Games like Titanfall, and Evolve, then pick it up. The few FPS that you do play, what's the best part of the game for you, the multiplayer, or the campaign? Watch some videos on you tube, and go from there. I really enjoy Star Wars, but I'm not getting this game.

It's MP only, except for the wave style "missions."

If you're not into competitive MP style games, I'd pass. I'm the biggest Star Wars fan out there and I'm passing, especially after playing the beta. I used to be into competitive FPS games, but now I just want to sit back and lose myself in an open world game like Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, or the Witcher. Fallout 4 is my game for the next several months.

And as far as the "ultimate Star Wars video game fantasy.." Yeah, that was called Knights of the Old Republic.

i'm gonna wait... the 130 euro price tag is crazy IMO. i will get it when it lowers to less than 50 euro for game + sp (you could think to your self, "the game got delayed").
there's lots of games to play instead and i have a big backlog so it not a big deal to me.

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I would say pass on this game. It is just OK. INMHO. It get a 6.0 out of 10.

It is fun for a while and the fun of playing in the Star Wars universe certainly has it's merits especially for any Star Wars Nerd/Geek out there. The downside is that, at least in the beta, there is not much variety in the game. It get's very repetitive and old quite quickly. Being a Dice game I thought for sure that there would be some interesting elements that would make it so that every game is different and with lot's of wow factor. So for there is none of that.

The boosts and powers you get from leveling are only so-so, the guns do not differ enough to really make it worth spending all your time leveling up. It is annoying that to get the basic items, like the grenade, that you need to reach a certain level. The funnest part is when you find the power-up to play as Luke/Vader but only one person can do this and you have to be at the right spot at exactly the right time. It is mostly gimmick and fain fare.

If you were to take away the Star Wars skins and sounds the game would lose almost all of it's appeal. Game variety is even worse than Battlefiled: Hardline. I expected more from Dice and was very much let down.

The game is average but gets the extra 1 point above average only due to it's Star Wars universe facade.

I do wish we could have a Fallout style Star Wars game with multiple worlds to explore (small sections of them anyway).

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