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I am simply trying to compile all Blizzard related rumors just to show what kind of odds we got for starcraft2 being the announced game.

I'd appreciate those who dont know of any Blizzard rumors, just abstain from posting please.

No, Blizz/starcraft/warcraft/diablo/pc games sucks rumer/not rumor, flamebait or whatever. Just simple obsorvations, this is not a debate, just a internet rumor compilation.

I doubt this will keep people from posting flame, but perhaps decrease it a little.



Starcraft 2 Favored announcment

1. Blizzard has rented biggest ammount of space ever for a gaming company(not publisher) and is holding it in Skorea for the announcement of a new game and has invited Pro Gamers (SC players) to it.

(I just read this somewhere)

2. The blizzard and bnet main page and and have spash screens for each game they have released on the pc internally.

I speculate that with their up and down bit on timeline, that since the ? is on the down and is in line with all their RTS's (war1 and 2 are in the same spash screen) is more evdience. Historically blizz likes to do a RTS and then something else, and then another RTS. Pure speculation I know.

3. from what i can tell, blizzard owns the most starcraft2 related websites.  - .com,, .fr 

MMO in General Announcments

Blizz said they plan to MMO all 3 of their brands. Unlikely they will do that until the previous one is in heavy decline. (speculation)


If you can think of any more announcment blizzard related, and any speculation on the meaning behind them, feel free to post about it.












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They are holding the conferance in Korea, that should tell everybody something. The koreans are crazy in starcraft.



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It will most likely be a starcraft related game. I'm hoping for Starcraft to but it could be WoS (I think they'd have to be crazy to release WoS, it would eat into their WoW userbase considerably) or something else

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It likely is for the WoS game unfortunately. Has Blizzard ever talked about making a non-MMORPG Warcraft game since WoW was released? It's too bad since both Starcraft and Warcraft were pretty good rts games. :(

i still wish it was Diablo III

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It's surprising that it's been almost 7 years since Diablo 2, a major hit, and still no news of a sequel. Oh and I was just on after reading this thread and it appears that Starcraft 2 may indeed be one of the surprised games announced. I hope so :D

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