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Welcome back to the 8th event of the Pokemon Olympic Games. We've had some very interesting events before but this time we are having the event that Pokemon is all about! The Sky Battle tournament! In Battle Tournaments there are a set number of participants and in this tournament it is a single elimination round meaning if you get bad lucky that is it. We shall have 16 contestants battle it out, however for the 4 teams that sent in 3 only their top 2 will be allowed to keep the points they make.

The way this round will work is that every Pokemon will randomly be given a Position from 1-16 with the two next to each other battling. The user will choose who they believe would win a battle between these 2 Pokemon in the sky. For example

Squirtle Vs Chimchar ---- I choose squirtle.    Bulbasaur vs Pidgey ----> I choose Pidgey

Now let's find out who will The winner will be in the Final round of the competition!

Final Round Winners bracket:

Dragonite (gen 1) Vs Archeops (gen 5)  


Final round Losers Bracket:

Lugia (gen 2) vs Yvetal (gen 6)


Semi Final Results: Winners in bold

Lugia (gen 2) vs Dragonite (gen 1)

Commentators: This is an interesting match, Lugia is a more defensive pokemon while Dragonite is more offensive. Dragonite's multiscale ability will make him initially take less damage while his overwheling strength will be an issue for lugia since it is better with special and Dragonite is a physical attacker. (Lugia should have won, it is simply too bulky)

Archeops (gen 5) vs Yvetal (gen 6)

Commentators: This is interesting, while archeops may be faster and have the type advantage and his physical attack is better, Yvetal has powerful moves and a high special attack to take advantage of archeops' low special defence. This match can swing either way.


Round 2: Winners in Bold

Lugia (gen 2) vs Charizard (gen 1)

Commentators: This match is very interesting, Lugia clearly has the advantage but once charizard Mega evolves the match could swing his way regardless of which mega he chooses.


Latios (gen 3) vs Dragonite (gen 1)

Commentators: This match is interesting, these 2 are evenly matched and even when mega is involved due to Dragonite's ability he'll be able to take more damage than usual and still be able to fight on par with latios.


Talonflame (gen 6) vs Archeops (gen 5)

Commentators: This match is definitely not in talonflame's favour. Rock vs flying fire.


Yvetal (gen 6) vs Giratina (gen 4)

Commentators: Giratina can't catch a break, after beating hydreigon he goes up against yvetal who has a type advantage over him.


Previous results: Winners in Bold

For the first Round battles we have:

Lugia (gen 2) vsCrobat (gen 2)
Commentators: Oh looks like we already have two of their team mates facing off. Poor gen 2.
Noivern(gen 6) vsCharizard (gen 1)
Commentators: This should be an interesting match, Charizard can mega evolve but will that be enough to beat noivern?
Latios (gen 3) vsBraviary (gen 5)
Commentators: This match looks brutal any way you slice it, especially if mega evolution is involved.
Dragonite (gen 1) vs Altaria (gen 3)
Commentators: If mega evolution wasn't involved dragonite would win this, but it is. Dragonite could still win with iron head since mega altaria is a fairy type but that this battle can easily go either way.
Skarmory (gen 2) vsTalonflame (gen 6)
Commentators: This match can go either way, but there is a clear advantage here.
Archeops (gen 5) vs Togekiss (gen 4)
Commentators: Interesting match, togekiss can learn some helpful moves but archeops has a clear type advantage.
Gliscor (gen 4) vs Yvetal (gen 6)
Commentators: Interesting match up again, this one could go either way.
Giratina (gen 4) vs Hydreigon (gen 5)
Commentators: Well, this is a match that looks like it should be the final round but here we have it in round 1. Which of these 2 mighty dragons will make it to the next round?
Voting for the first round will last 24 hours. Please vote for who you think would win a battle between the 2 Pokemon battling each other.

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Battle #1 - Lugia
Lugia cause Psychic > Poison and crobat really don't stand a chance

Battle #2 - Noivern
I personally think Noivern would win, if charizard mega evolves to charizard X, if he went to mega Y Charizard might win, but between regular I think Noivern wins so I'm giving this match to Noivern

Battle #3 - Latios
Mega Latios > Braviary. Not much of a battle there.

Battle #4 - Dragonite
Dragonite vs Altaria is easily a dragonite win, and Dragonite still has a 50/50 shot to beat Altaria in mega form if his moveset is right so I'm giving this match to dragonite

Battle #5 - Talonflame
Talonflame + Flare blitz could pretty much be the game. And even if it wasn't Skarmory would retaliate would brave bird and both would faint. Its either talonflame or tie, or by some random luck skarmory barely wins. Talonflame has a much higher shot in this match

Battle #6 - Archeops
Archeops is faster and is part rock type. Even with his defeatist ability which would only kick in if he drops below half health he would be able to easily over power Togekiss.

Battle #7 - Yvetal
Yvetal should be able to win this match.

Battle #8 - Giratina
This match can go either way in almost a limitless number of ways, however their secondary types wouldn't matter since it would only take one dragon move from the other to win the match in most cases. I'm going with giratina simply because its in its origin form.

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Battle 1: Lugia
Battle 2: Charizard
Battle 3: Latios
Battle 4: Dragonite
Battle 5: Talonflame
Battle 6: Archeops
Battle 7: Yvetal
Battle 8: Giratina


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Battle 1: Lugia
Battle 2: Charizard
Battle 3: Latios
Battle 4: Altaria
Battle 5: Talonflame
Battle 6: Archeops
Battle 7: Yvetal
Battle 8: Hydreigon

Battle 1: Lugia
Battle 2: Charizard
Battle 3: Latios
Battle 4: Dragonite
Battle 5: Talonflame
Battle 6: Togejiss
Battle 7: Yvetal
Battle 8: Giratina

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Battle 1: Lugia
Poor Crobat

Battle 2: Charizard
Close battle, but I'd give a slight edge to Charizard

Battle 3: Latios
Poor Braviary

Battle 4: Dragonite
Another close one. But I think Dragonite should edge it.

Battle 5: Talonflame
Unlucky for Skarmory that it got matched up against a fire type straight away

Battle 6: Archeops
Another fairly easy type advantage one.

Battle 7: Yvetal
Just can't see Gliscor being all that effective in an aerial battle.

Battle 8: Giratina
Wow, what a match to start the first round with! Could really go either way but Giratina has to be the favourite, even if it's only by the smallest of margins.

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Round 1 Results:

Lugia vs Crobat

The match began swiftly, crobat being the faster of the two charged in its fangs glowing purple prepared to use its Poison fang attack to try to badly poison the powerful Legendary Pokemon however he was stopped in his tracks. Lugia had used psychic and was now holding crobat in place. Crobat began to struggle to escape but lugia's power was overwhelming. Lugia's eyes glowed blue as it blasted crobat with a full force psychic attack knocking out crobat. Lugia bowed in respect to its gen 2 comrade.

Charizard vs Noivern

Noivern was fast, very fast and quickly began the battle by firing off a dragon pulse at Charizard. The fire type was hit and sent flying into a cliff. Noivern let out a screech as it waited for the dust caused by charizard's impact with the dust to fade. However in Charizard's place stood a much blacker version. Mgea Charizard X.  By Utilizing this mega evolution charizard quickly performed a dragon dance improving his speed and his strenght. Noivern realizing this quickly fired off another dragon pulse, this one would be super effective if it hit, but charizard using his new found speed dodged the attack and charged at noivern ramming into the stomach of the dragon type pushing it back. The blue flames erupted from charizard's mouth as he bellowed. Noivern stopped itself from flying back and began to flap its wings at charizard. Violent tornados formed and headed towards the dragon/fire type. It was Noivern's hurricane attack. Charizard X charged straight into the powerful attack with a rage like no other, an Outrage attack. He was battered and bruised as he flew through the Powerful winds but came out on the other side and began to pummel noivern with an explosion of physical attacks. The outrage. This drgaon type move was enough to knock noivern out, giving charizard the victory.

Latios Vs Braviary

As soon as the match began latios quickly mega evolved, Braviary watched as the eon Pokemon charged into him and sent him flying backwards. Braviary however was a powerful flier and was able to stop himself from going too far. It was then however that latios unleashed a powerful blast of psychic light, his signature move Luster purge. The move blasted Braviary and sent it on a downward spiral. Braviary however was tough and pulled himself up just to see a Purple beam forming in front of Latios' mouth. Braviary couldn't react as Latios shot the powerful dragon pulse at him knocking him out.

Dragonite vs Altaria

Dragonite and Alataria stared down each other as if trying to feel the other out. Altaria made the first move and went for a dragon pulse. Dragonite however quickly dodged using extreme speed and used that speed to head towards Altaria with a dragon claw. Altaria however predicted this and began to glow, his body changing ad he mega evolved. The Dragon claw hit Altaria but had no effect. He had Become part fairy type. Dragonite quickly performed a dragon dance. before being blasted away from Altaria by a powerful moon blast attack. It was then that Dragonite's ability kicked in, Multiscale lowering the amount of damage dragonite took from the attack. His speed and attack power had now been increased and he charged Altaria head first, using Iron head. The Powerful steel type move hit the fairy dragon square in the face doing massive damage and casuing Altaria to be unable to retaliate. Dragonite came back around flying again at high speeds raming his iron head into Altaria knocking the fairy dragon out of the air.

Talonflame vs Skarmory

Coming soon.


Lugia defeats Crobat
Charizard Defeats Noivern
Latios defeats Braviary
Dragonite defeats Altaria
Talonflame Defeats Skarmory
Archeops defeats Togekiss
Yvetal defeats Gliscor
Giratina defeats Hydreigon

Round 2:
Lugia vs Charizard
Latios vs Dragonite
Talonflame vs Archeops
Yvetal vs Giratina

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Battle #1: Lugia
It'll be tough for lugia to win if charizard mega evolves but not impossible if Charizard goes mega Y he gets boosted sun damage but Lugia has high special def and can learn the rock move ancient power which would be enough to knock out zard. Zard X would probably beat lugia but zard Y and regular would lose so I give this one to lugia.

Battle #2: Dragonite
This is pure multiscale, Dragonite is slower than latios however thanks to his ability he can easily take a hit and one shot latios or go for a dragon dance and strike back. Even if latios mega evolves as long as dragonite has multiscale the match is his.

Battle #3: Archeops
Doesn't matter if Talonflame can get defeatise to activate, one rock type move and that's game.

Battle #4: Yvetal
Being a bulky dark type is exactly the advantage Yvetal needed to win this and that's exactly what it has.

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B1: Lugia
B2: Dragonite
B3: Archeops
B4: Giratina