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Welcome back to the Pokemon Olympic Games! We've had two slower paced events recently but it's time for another intense faster pace race. Today our event shall be the Mountain climbing Race. In this event Pokemon will climb up steep slopes and climb up rocky cliffs until they reach to the top of the mountain. This requires heavy upper body strenght, Endurance and of course Climbing speed. Before we introduce the contestants let's review the results from out last event the Aerial Marathon.

Event #5:

Event #5 Results:

Overall Individual Results:

This competition has 12 competitors and works very much like the best user competition where each position will be given points ranging from 1 to 12 where the one with the most points at the end of the time limit wins. Here is an example of how you vote in this competition.

12p Squirtle

11p Treecko

10 Chimchar

until the final Pokemon has been given 1 point. In the mountain climb/rock climbing competition users will be allowed to vote once and only once.

Now that the rules have been explained, we will now introduce the Pokemon that have been selected to represent the 6 teams in this competition.

Representing team Generation 1 Kanto, we have:

Nidoking andMachamp!
Representing team Generation 2 Johto, we have:
Heracross andUrsaring!
Representing team Generation 3 Hoenn, we have:
Sceptile andBlaziken
Representing team Generation 4, Sinnoh, we have:
Infernape and Gallade
Representing team Generation 5, Unova, we have:
Excadrill andBeartic
Representing team Generation 6, Kalos, we have:
Chesnaught and Greninja!
Voting for this event will last only 24 hours.
Commentators: After a magnificent display last time by team Gen 1 we have another exciting race on the line right now. Generation one has brought out Machamp and Nidoking. Both are strong Pokemon but Machamp has 4 arms which should help him climb the mountain faster. Generation 2 has brought in Heracross and Ursaring. Both are strong Pokemon as well so climbing the mountain shouldn't be an issue for them. Generation 3 has brought in Sceptile and Blaziken. Both of these Pokemon are fast climbers so you'd better keep an eye on them. Generation 4 has brought in Infernape and Gallade. A fast powerful climbing duo. With a board this strong things are bound to get interesting and we've still got 2 more teams to go. Representing team Generation 5 we have Excadrill and Beartic. A strong set of climbers and due to excadril's claws finding a grip in this rocky cliff is going to be very easy making him another big candidate in this race. Finally, representing team Generation 6 we have Chenaught and Greninja. Chesnaught is a strong climber and greninja is very much able to stick to walls. These two should not be underestimated.
The Athletes are now under starting orders. On your mark, get set, Bang!

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12p Sceptile - He is a reptile, he can easily scale a rocky cliff like he's running on 4 leg's up it.
11p Infernape - He is a monkey and can climb very well and fast.
10p Machamp - Powerful climber has 4 arms to give him enough speed to keep up
9p Blaziken - Fast climber and good strength, not too heavy either
8p Excadrill - with his claws climbing will be swift and easy but not enough to secure the spots above
7p Ursaring - Very strong and can be a fast climber, his claws will make it easy for him
6p Heracross - Very strong and with his claws and very light body climbing will be much easier for him.
5p Beartic - Not as strong as Ursaring but the same concept applies
4p Greninja - With how sticky his hands and feet can be sticking to the wall while climbing will make it easy for him to climb fast just not fast enough for a top spot once he gets tired.
3p Chesnaught - Good claws but his heavy shell makes him too heavy to keep up.
2p Nidoking - Heavy Body will slow him down
1p Gallade - With the way his hands and legs are I think climbing would be very difficult for him.

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12p - Ursaring
11p - Infernoape
10p - Machamp
9p - Sceptile
8p - Blaziken
7p - Beartic
6p - Excadrill
5p - Greniinja
4p - Heracross
3p - Chesnaught
2p - Nidoking
1p - Gallade

12p Beartic
11p Ursaring
10p Chesnaught
9p Blaziken
8p Infernape
7p Excadrill
6p Nidoking
5p Machamp
4p Sceptile
3p Heracross
2p Greninja
1p Gallade

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12p Excadrill
11p Ursaring
10p Beartic
9p Machamp
8p Blaziken
7p Infernape
6p Sceptile
5p Greninja
4p Nidoking
3p Heracross
2p Chesnaught
1p Gallade

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12p Machamp
11p Nidoking
10p Ursaring
9p Sceptile
8p Beartic
7p Heracross
6p Infernape
5p Blaziken
4p Greninja
3p Chesnaught
2p Gallade
1p Excadrill

12p - Machamp
11p - Excadrill
10p - Urasing 
9p - Infernape
8p - Beartic
7p - Nidoking
6p - Sceptile
5p - Greninja
4p - Blaziken
3p - Heracross
2p - Gallade
1p - Chasnaught


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12p - Machamp
11p - Infernape
10p - Urasing
9p - Nidoking
8p - Beartic
7p - Heracross
6p - Blaziken
5p - Sceptile
4p - Greninja
3p - Excadrill
2p - Gallade
1p - Chasnaught

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12p - Infernape
11p - Machamp
10p - Sceptile
9p - Excadrill
8p - Ursaring
7p - Blaziken
6p - Heracross
5p - Beartic
4p - Greninja
3p - Chesnaught
2p - Nidoking
1p - Gallade

12p Nidoking
11p Machamp
10p Blaziken
9p Heracross
8p Gallade
7p Greninja
6p Excadrill
5p Infernape
4p Sceptile
3p Ursaring
2p Beartic
1p Chesnaught