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Forums - Sports Discussion - Real Life Rocket League?


Best Obscure Sport?

Cycle Ball 0 0%
Combat Juggling 0 0%
Tire Ski Jump 0 0%
Roller-Skate Limbo 0 0%
RC Truck Racing 0 0%
Sidecar Motocross 0 0%
Rock Paper Scissors 0 0%
Chess Boxing 0 0%
Kabbadi Slapfighting 1 33.33%
Slamball 2 66.67%

Duuuuude not gonna lie this is sick! Not sure how people come up with some of these sports but I'm glad they did haha. This one reminded me of a real life version of Rocket League, except the cars are bicycles. Oh and Vivster I'd beat you in this too :o

If anybody cares to watch some more obscure sports check out:

#1 Amb-ass-ador

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Such a big game and no high flyers. This sport needs more Kronovis.

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Murderball perhaps?

Extreme ironing and mudathon

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